About us

Hi I'm Craig the creator of the word "startupers". Ever since I created the word "startupers" in 2006, i've been teased, harassed, and generally annoyed by people that believe the word should be spelled with 2 "p"s.

Here is a prime example from the Wikipedia.

Often when I was confronted with this dispute, I would ask, "Why should it have 2 "p"s ?"

"Because the word "upper" has 2 "p"s", they would say.

Where I would then ask, "Based on that line of thinking how many "p"s does the word startup have?"

In responce they would kindly say, "Excuse me but I need to go get another drink before this crappy bar closes."

Hopefully you see my point. Many don't. Therefore, after many years of waiting and way too much money, we were finally able to purchase from an internet troll this domain as an attempt to end this dispute.

So, since I created the word in San Francisco, in a moment of inspiration in 2006, while daydreaming in the basement of a hotel, here is my official definition: Which is also in dispute by a very annoying person here.

startupers (singular startuper) (neologism) People who are enthusiastic about the formation, creation, and participation in startup business ventures.

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